tanay hills

About Tanay

Tanay is a small town in the upper eastern corridor of Rizal, east of Manila, Philippines, bounded by the sierra Madre Mountain ranges that border the Pacific Ocean.

“Mountain coffee” plantation is best located in the upper hills of Tanay, endowed by nature with rich soil, good climate and just the right amount rainfall.  Because of this favorable combination of nature’s gifts, we thought of cultivating our coffee variety ventures in these upper hills, from where each cup of coffee is “The Perfect Cup.”

About Our Coffee

Our constant research, through contacts and networks, and from seminars and coffee expos, has made us realize that the demand for “good” and “best” coffee beans is very high here in the Philippines as well as abroad.  Hence, we started coffee planting, producing and trading to meet the demand for “best” coffee here in the Philippines.  The main thrust is to develop  popular varieties to “best” grades of quality as grown in the hills of Tanay.  Thus was born “The Perfect Cup” of The Tanay Hills Coffee Beanery in Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal.

Gifted with good weather, the right amount of rainfall and natural element-rich soil, the Tanay Hills Coffee Beanery plantation is home to one of the finest coffee beans in the Philippines.  The coffee trees flourish to produce organic beans that are full-bodied, earthy and herbal, and roasted with a distinctive flavor particular to its hilly land of origin.